Nixie clock IN-14

Functional clock:

- Hours, format: 12 / 24
- Date, format: DD.MM.YY / DD.MM.D
- The alarm clock which is adjusted on days.
- Measurement of temperature. (With °, Fahrenheits)
possibility of connection of 2-wire sensors.
possibility of reception of temperature with transmitter IK.
- Timer
- Hourly signal it (is disconnected).
- Automatic brightness control depending on lighting.
- DU management.
- GPS synchronization. (Optionally)
- High precision of the course.
- Effects of indication.
without effects.
smooth attenuation.
overlay of figures.
- Effects of dividing lamps.
are switched off.
blinking of 1 hertz.
smooth attenuation.
blinking 2 hertz.
are included.
- Effects displays of date.
without effects.
Shift with scrolling.
Replacement of figures.
- Effect of a pendulum.
idle time.
the difficult.
- Illuminations
search of color scale.
stop of the chosen color of scale
effect of a rainbow.
effect of a flame of a candle.
ultra-violet illumination.

In a set:

- Hours.
- Power adapter.
- Temperature sensor.
- Pult DU

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